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Sara Catena Pop Up Art Studio

Sara Catena is a local artist and fellow Karingal resident. She was raised on a wonderful diet of traditional handcrafts, imagination and pots of tea in a small country town on the coast of New Zealand. Her parents valued resourcefulness and taught her a deep sense of caring for land, community and creativity.

Growing up, she became aware her father had been pushed into an academic career against his creative nature. It made him deeply unhappy, and in response, she made a decision to find her own unique alignment with the hum of the Universe and always work at what made her heart sing. So, with this strong motivation, and a skill-set of needle and thread from her dressmaker mother, she found the magical world of sewing and art-making to be the place that always lifted her spirits. Even after thirty years of playing and working with paint and textile, it still excites her to have a brush or needle in her hand, crafting a story or idea into life, on whatever surface life avails.

Her art practice has always been about holding this pure and naïve view whilst delving deeply into her connection with the world. Sara’s work is a witness to her contact question: ‘can I maintain this authentic, deep joy, a childlike curiosity and connection to the source of life whilst fully experiencing all of its highs and lows, including fear, grief, growth and phenomenal change’.

As a painter, she works with acrylic, oil stick and embroidery thread of recycled textiles and linen. She loves to work beyond the boundaries of the traditional frame by adding timber and textile embellished features or working directly into a physical space… delighting and calling the view to linger over the story, and be rewarded emotionally in doing so.

Her inclusive sensory installations are beautiful creative spaces that activate the senses in gentle low-tech ways. Her workshops for creatives, empowering and life-changing, share the 30+ years of profound and rich learnings she has used to build and maintain resilience as a professional artist.

Sara has been chosen to participate in this year’s Showcase Victoria – an annual event showcasing artists and performers selected by an industry panel. The showcase connects the artists and performers with members of the Performing Arts Industry providing touring and exhibition opportunities.

You’ll find Sara working away on her current project ‘Shrine of the Sacred Self’ every Wednesday to Sunday until 19 May in Star Zone, located next to Goodlife Health Clubs.

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